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Countering Inaccurate Narratives about Charter Schools

Wednesday, March 22 10:45 am–12:00 pm
Sheraton - Gardenia

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Comprised of choice experts from across the country, this panel will discuss the positive impacts of high-quality charter schools, the negative narrative of detractors and help attendees refocus the public discourse.

Full Description:
Despite research indicating the benefits that charter schools provide to historically under-served populations, the public narrative of those resistant to school choice is frequently vitriolic and filled with inaccuracies. This panel will discuss these issues and demonstrate how we can re-frame the narrative to focus on students. The panelists are noted nationwide for their championship of high quality charter schools and efforts to counter negative messages about charters.

Topic: Communications
Additional Audience(s): Board Members, General Ed/Stakeholders, Authorizers
Level: All

Presented by

Derrell Bradford Derrell Bradford, The 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now (50CAN)

Derrell is the executive vice president of 50CAN and the executive director of NYCAN. In his national role, Derrell recruits and trains local leaders across the 50CAN network for roles as CAN executive directors, fellows and YouCAN advocates. Derrell continues his work as the executive director of NYCAN and on network-wide innovations like the Corps Knowledge project.

Peter Cook Peter Cook, Education Policy Writer

Pete became involved in education reform as a 2002 TFA corps member in New Orleans Public Schools. Following Katrina, he helped launch New Orleans West College Prep, a K-8 charter school established to serve low-income students evacuated to Houston from NOLA. Pete has developed teacher evaluation systems for TNTP and served as a strategic advisor to district leaders in Cleveland, Nashville, and Chattanooga. He also lead reorganization of Louisiana’s largest school district, which subsequently saw its performance jump from a “D” to a “B” within three years. He now writes about education on his blog at

Romy Drucker Romy Drucker, The 74

Romy Drucker is the co-founder and CEO of The 74. Prior to launching The 74, Romy worked at the New York City Department of Education on Mayor Bloomberg’s transformational Children First reforms. Most recently, Romy served as chief of staff for the Division of Portfolio Planning. There, she worked on citywide school planning efforts including new district and charter school development and school phase outs, implementation of the Federal School Improvement Grant program, K-12 admissions, and early childhood education.

Chris Stewart Chris Stewart, Education Post

Chris Stewart is Director of Outreach and External Affairs. Before that, Chris Stewart was Executive Director of the African American Leadership Forum (AALF), a cross-sector network of black leaders working to develop and implement an urban policy agenda across five northwest states. In 2007 Chris was elected to the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education. He created the Equity and Achievement Committee, authored a board-level “Covenant with the African American Community,” and advocated safe, orderly, and rigorous schools that prepare students for high-wage, high-growth occupations.

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