Programming in the CCSA Exhibit Hall takes place in four expos. Expos are made up of 45-minute poster sessions. All proposals submitted to CCSA must identify one of the following expos organized around broad themes/audiences. It is recommended that proposals also cover one of the suggested subjects—developed by the CCSA programming committee—listed in each topic area. However, this list is not exhaustive, and you should feel free to submit the proposal you feel is most appropriate. For the most part, poster sessions are an interactive low tech-high touch environment.

Expo topics:

Advocate Expo - Includes topics such as authorization, civil rights and organizing.

Educate Expo – Topics in this area include but are not limited to: STEM, classroom management, special education, teacher training and education strategies.

Lead Expo – Team building, working with parents, strategic planning, school culture, and board operations and training are some topics you might present in the Lead Expo.

Operate Expo – Topics in the Operate Expo may include such as: accountability, facilities, HR, safety, communications and funding.

Poster sessions

Poster Sessions provide an opportunity for a small group of attendees to interact in an informal environment with a subject matter expert. Presenters illustrate their content by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams and a small amount of text on poster boards. Poster Sessions take place during Exhibit Hall Expos, which are organized around broad programming and/or particular audiences.