Tips and guidelines

What is CCSA looking for in a proposal?

Below are four suggestions which may help increase your chances of having your proposal selected by the programming committee.

1. Align content with the conference mission

The conference mission is:

The California Charter Schools Conference inspires academic excellence, operational integrity and unity among charter schools throughout California.

The conference is for everyone so CCSA is looking for a range of presentations to support charter school professionals in every role and at every level of experience and expertise.

2. Inspirational and unique content

Do you have a unique practice that you’ve utilized in your classroom or on your campus with impressive results? Do you believe others can benefit from your story? If so, we want to hear from you.

3. Interactive sessions

If you have a unique point of view on an industry topic and want to explore it with attendees in an interactive, casual environment, submit your proposal as a poster session in one of our Expos. The CCSA programming committee is also looking for proposals for 75-minute breakout sessions that integrate interactive facilitation techniques.

What makes a quality CCSA Conference presentation?

Attendees of the CCSA Conference are looking for interactive sessions in which they are active contributors to the conversation. Attendees want to understand how the content you are presenting is relevant to the work they are engaged in every day and they want takeaways they can apply when they return to their school.

Breakout session and expo session presenters should...

Poster session presenters should...