Package levels, features and specifications

Start planning now to build out your virtual booth! We've provided descriptions, model templates and creative specifications to help you develop materials and resources now for customizing your booth when the tools are available. Please download the template associated with your current participation level to get started.

Participating exhibitors will be provided with an booth builder toolset in advance of the event. This will be the sole means to submit creative materials for virtual and will be available in the Exhibitor Services Portal. Please do not email any files or information to Exhibit Management. If materials are sent to Exhibit management, they will not be acted upon.


Our entry level, the Starter package provides an approachable way for exhibitors to showcase their brand and offerings within the virtual exhibit environment. Focused on showcasing company information and sharing resources, the Starter package also features our introductory means of direct engagement with attendees via a company chat board, 1:1 chat and lead capture.

Download the Starter package model template as a reference to help with your planning purposes


Building on the Starter package, the Standard package includes the added benefits of increased resource sharing and more robust tools for engagement with attendees. In addition to company and 1:1 chat capacities, the Standard package features 1:1 booth demo rooms and a meeting scheduling tool. Participants in the Standard package also receive a 10% discount on additional à la carte package enhancements and marketing opportunities.

Download the Standard package model template as a reference to help with your planning purposes


The most robust level, the Premium package includes all benefits of the Standard package along with increased content sharing and engagement features. The Premium package includes an extended embedded video length, unlimited resource uploads and the introduction of links to independently hosted content, as well as 1:6 video demos and end enhanced lead capture functionality with up to seven customized qualifier questions. Participants in the Premium package also receive a 25% discount on additional à la carte marketing opportunities.

Download the Premium package model template as a reference to help with your planning purposes