Presenter instructions for platform

Log in to the virtual event

Log in at or click the ENTER LIVE EVENT button above with your credentials received via email, and let us know your interests so that you can connect with others. The platform will recognize you as a presenter.

Presenters must be registered to gain access to the platform. If you registered for conference using a different email address, please email us at to consolidate your accounts. If you need to register, you can register through the Presenter Portal or by contacting the registration office at 800.280.6218. If you are an exhibitor, please contact your Booth Manager at to facilitate registration.

For the best experience, we recommend you use Chrome as your browser. Firefox is a good alternative. We recommend avoiding Safari.

Present your session

Navigate to your session through My Dashboard where you will see your session in Session Favorites if you are a listed presenter.

Or through the Schedule. Click on your title to view your session details.

Exhibitors can also find Solutions Hour and Booth Demos through the Exhibit section.

By a presenter entering their session details page, it will start the embedded Zoom meeting for the presenter. If your session is set to be recorded, recording will automatically start when you join so you may want to pause recording until you are ready to start presenting. We will not be editing recordings. Read more about recording below.

Testing is available the week of March 8. During the conference, you can join your session up to an hour before your session to prepare but please limit any testing to hours outside the event. Before your session begins, be sure to pause recording if your session is set to record, and restart recording when you are ready.

Attendees will be able to join 5 minutes before your scheduled time. Attendees will be able to join booth demos at the scheduled start time.

Presenters will have tools similar to the Zoom application, including screen sharing and breakout rooms, as well as polls (read below). Unfortunately, Zoom backgrounds are not available in the embedded environment.

Note: Please plan a solid buffer time between any presenter testing and scheduled sessions or demos to avoid interrupting a live session.

If you click on your session and it does not display presenter controls, you are not setup as a presenter for that session. Please email . Booth demo presenters should confirm with booth admin that they are listed as the demo presenter in the demo scheduling tool in the portal.

Zoom polls

If you would like to utilize the poll feature during your presentation, please email your poll(s’) title, questions, and answers to before EOD Thursday, March 11. All polls need to be created in advance of the conference. Presenters will not be able to create or edit polls. Your presenter credentials will allow you to launch a poll during your presentation.

Polls are not available in booth demos.

Recording opt in — New this year!

This year, due to the virtual delivery of this year’s conference and school leaders navigating the reopening of their schools, we would like to record all breakout sessions. The breakout recordings will be housed on the conference website and will only be accessible to registered 2021 Conference attendees. This permits registered attendees to maximize their conference experience beyond the initial conference dates and allows presenters to extend their reach beyond the live presentation. If you do not wish to have your session recorded, please uncheck the box in the recording section on your presenter menu in the Presenter Portal. Please note, if you are on a panel and one presenter declines to record, the session will not be recorded.

Any test recordings generated will be deleted EOD March 12 to ensure the proper version is uploaded to the conference website post conference.

Recordings will be made available via the conference platform by March 26th.

Note: Solutions Hour are all set to be recorded. Exhibitors will need to manually start recording their booth demos if desired.


The chat feature is embedded on your session details page so it is available for attendees to engage before, during and after your session.

(If a comment needs deleted, please contact .)

Add handouts to your breakout session

You can provide URLs or upload PDF (pdf), Power point (ppt & pptx), and MS Word (doc & docx) up to 10MB per file. Handouts are immediately available on your session details page for attendees to save. To add or update URLs or other resources for your session, log into the presenter portal and under ACCEPTED click the link to Upload handouts. Handouts are available then on your session details page.

Rather than uploading handouts to booth demos and Solutions Hour sessions, exhibitor presenters may upload resources to their virtual booth. Booth admins can manage resources in the portal.

Presenting Virtually — Presenter training

In order to best equip our 2021 Conference presenters, CCSA staff developed a high-level training on how to be a great virtual presenter. A recording of the training, how to videos, and social media posts can be found here.

Having technical trouble? Use these tips below.

Recommended Browser

Chrome, Firefox is an alternative.

Video and Audio permissions:

Each computer and each browser can have different permission requirements for camera, speaker, or microphone access.

The best way to ensure your computer and browser is prepared for interactivity is to go to and click on Audio/Video. You should be prompted at that point to allow your camera and mic to be turned on.

Session issues:

If you've been in sessions successfully before and you're now encountering audio or video issues, try these solutions in this order:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Navigate back to Schedule or My Dashboard to find that session and re-enter the session
  3. Clear your browser cache/browsing history
  4. Log out of the event platform and log back in, navigate to your session and re-enter the session
  5. Change browsers and try to access the event platform again
  6. Restart computer and try to access the event platform again

Connection speed:

A minimum connection of 3 Mbps both upload and download is required to view streamed content. A 10 Mbps upload/download is recommended to be able to engage via audio or video within sessions.

For a more stable connection, an ethernet internet connection is always recommended. If you're still experiencing lag, ensure you're off-camera to help with your connection speed or to understand if you have other programs running in the background of your computer that could be using bandwidth.

Embedded Zoom quirks:

Embedded Zoom is slightly different than the Zoom application. Below are a few differences you may find.

Pinning videos – Only one video may be pinned at a time.

Muting - The host / co-host can mute and unmute people.

Breakout groups can be done manually or automatically, but keep in mind that all participants will have video off and be muted when they return from breakout. Only the host can put attendees into breakout groups and move attendees around.

Promoting participants is possible; however, you can only have one “host and one “co-host”.

Host and Co-host - The presenter that accesses the session first will be marked a “host” and all others will be "co-hosts". Only the host can put attendees into breakout groups and move attendees around.

Video/Audio issues – If your videos will not turn on or audio would stops working, there should be a camera icon in the upper right corner of your browser's web address area. Left clicking that and "allowing camera/audio" usage should fix the problem.

Virtual backgrounds – Unfortunately, virtual backgrounds are not supported in an embedded Zoom environment.