March 14-17, 2022 • Long Beach Convention Center • Long Beach, CA

Health and Safety

Conference hosts will implement measures to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission during the Conference. Participants will be asked to wear masks, as well as to provide proof of negative COVID-19 test result prior to admittance to the Conference. Conference hosts will provide access to testing in connection with Conference admittance.

Conference hosts may implement additional protective measures, pursuant to state or local guidance in effect at the time of the Conference, or as hosts deem necessary to protect all Conference participants in light of COVID-19 conditions at the time of the Conference. Notwithstanding such measures, there is no guarantee that COVID-19 will not be present at the Conference. By registering for the Conference, participants acknowledge and voluntarily assume this risk. Participants may also be asked to sign a waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement prior to admittance to Conference.