March 14-17, 2022 • Long Beach Convention Center • Long Beach, CA

Frequently asked questions

What are the deadlines for presenters?

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For deadlines and important dates, please see this page here.

Who should present?

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Typical presenters at CCSA’s conference are individuals or groups of:

  • Teachers
  • Charter school leaders
  • Business managers
  • Governing school board members
  • State/federal education agencies
  • Authorizing district representatives (e.g. charter school liaison staff)
  • Leaders of community-based organizations or businesses
  • Law firms
  • Researchers

Do I have to be a CCSA member or an exhibitor to present/submit a proposal?

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No. CCSA membership and/or exhibiting at the conference are not requirements for submitting a proposal to present.

Who evaluates my proposal?

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Proposals will be reviewed by a committee made up of CCSA staff, advised by CCSA members when needed, with specific knowledge of the programming or expo topics.

How is my proposal evaluated?

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Reviewers are looking for proposals that are responsive to the criteria outlined in the CFP Guidelines.

What costs are covered by CCSA for presenters?

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CCSA does not pay per diem, honoraria or expenses for breakout session speakers. Approved presenters are offered a discounted presenter registration rate when their presentation is accepted.

What is the discounted presenter registration rate?

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All presenters must be registered for the conference but are offered a discounted rate.

Discounted full conference registration:

$399 before or on January 11, 2022
$499 on or after January 12, 2022

Approved presenters can register at the discounted presenter rate by logging into the Presenter Portal. If you register prior to announcements and your proposal is accepted, we will honor the presenter rate and adjust your registration upon request; please email to make this change. For any registration questions, you can contact 800-280-6218.

Exhibitors: If you have not registered, please contact your Booth Manager to facilitate registration.

If my proposal is accepted what's the next step?

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You will receive email notification if your proposal is accepted by November 5, 2021. You’ll need to confirm your session within the Presenter Portal by November 24, 2021--see Presenter Deadlines.

Please note: If you have several presenters, each presenter needs to confirm their participation and upload their headshot and bio.

Please upload a high quality, 300 x 300 ppx photo. Accepted formats: JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png). Size limit: 5 MB.

Please make a special effort to check the spelling in the title and description of your proposal. In addition, all acronyms must be spelled out on first reference — for example "The California Department of Education (CDE)" can then be listed as just "CDE" in all following references.

Any edits to your session must be completed within your Presenter Portal by November 24, 2020.

What materials do I need to prepare for my presentation?

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Please upload your materials by February 28 to ensure attendees have time to review as they are preparing their conference experience. Once you have uploaded your initial presentation, you can continue to upload additional or updated files. Attendees will have the ability to download session materials through the online program search on the conference website.

To upload materials: Log into Presenter Portal and on the application home page, click on the Upload handouts link under your session title. Follow the instructions there to upload your file(s).

You can continue to upload or replace uploaded files at any time, even after the conference.

What is the CCSA Conference’s policy regarding health and safety? [ + ][ – ]

Please reference our Health and Safety policy.